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Future is On Girls Org(FOGO) is a non- government organization which aims at supporting girls to access education and life skills. FOGO is located in Maji ya Chai Meru Arusha Tanzania.


The purpose of introducing FOGO is to do the following major activities;

1.To eradicate poverty and illiteracy in the community through girls.

2.  To support  girls in need from poor families to access education and life skills in Maji ya Chai ward.

3.FOGO intends to minimize cultural oppression to girls and women

4.To bring equality between men and women in education, economic and cultural aspects.

It was found that the economic, social and cultural inequalities between men and women are the main sources of women and girls marginalization and oppression. These inequalities result into denial of girls’ rights to education, property ownership, decision making and access to and control of resources. On the other hand, community is not taking any measure to tackle the situation. Therefore, FOGO is expected to be a bridge to new hope of life for girls.

These can be achieved through the provision of tuition fees, pocket money, fare and health insurance.


Yukunda Evarist completed secondary school education in 2014 but she did not pass to continue with any higher level of education. Because of the talent she had, Joyce paid for her entrepreneurship short course training and now Lillian is a food vender.
Yukunda Evarist
Due to poverty of her family, Lillian was impregnated when she was in form two and the family was no longer ready to support her education. For that bitter story, Joyce then decided to pay for her to participate in the nanny training. Lillian is currently working as caregiver.
Lilian John
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