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Future is on Girls Org (FOGO) is a non-profit organization that intends to provide supportive services to girls to access education and life skills so as to eradicate illiteracy and poverty in our community.
It was found that the economic, social and cultural inequalities between men and women are the main sources of women and girls marginalization and oppression. These inequalities result into denial of girls’ rights to education, property ownership, decision making and access to and control of resources. On the other hand, community is not taking any measure to tackle the situation. Therefore, FOGO is expected to be a bridge to new hope of life for girls.

So main focus will be supporting girls between 8 to 18 years old to access both primary and secondary education. This can be achieved through the provision of tuition fees, pocket money, fare and health insurance.  On holidays FOGO will support their accommodation, clothing and meals. Likewise, FOGO will provide girls from schools with life skills according to their talents during holidays. Nevertheless, FOGO does not mean to be an actual school but a supportive organization.

FOGO is expecting to have two schemes:
Education & Life skills


 FOGO will operate education scheme basing on the following activities;
1. Visiting places, families where the girls are found.
2. Making check-ups and registration of the vulnerable girls.
3. FOGO will support the girls to access primary and secondary education.
4. FOGO will provide the girls with tuition fees, pocket money, fare and health insurance.
5. FOGO will support the girls with accommodation, clothing, meals and security during holidays.
6. FOGO will teach the girls about reproductive health, outdated and oppressive customs.
7. FOGO will conduct seminars, guidance and counseling about life in general
8. FOGO will be visiting the schools where the girls are schooling for academic consultations.
9. On holidays FOGO and Parents will monitor and take care of the girls.

Life Skills

Participants will be girls who are on holidays and the girls who completed secondary school  education and did not go for further studies.
1. Making beads related products
2. Making cultural bags and baskets
3. Making carpets
4. Tanzanian cookies
5. Decorating cultural shoes
6. Making Batik
7. Making scarf, hat and leg warmers
8. Table mats and table clothes
9. Packing local coffee and honey
10. Making dolls.


On holidays girls will get the accommodation at the center . So the following service will be offered.

  1. Meals
  2. Security
  3. Water and electric power.

Project objectives

1. To support education of less privileged girls by (75%) in Meru District council by 2024.
2. To raise awareness among girls about life skills by 2024

Size of the organization

The organization is expected to have 13 girls to start with as well as 4 volunteers. We expect the number will increase according to need and the growth of the organization.

Sources of Funds to run the center

  • Salaries from the owner of the organization and volunteers
  • Donations from friends and institutions within Tanzania and abroad
  • Loan from the bank and other monetary institutions
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