About Us

Future is on Girls Org (FOGO) is a new organization in Tanzania that aims to provide supportive services to girls to access education and life skills. Therefore, FOGO will facilitate the following major activities; Firstly, FOGO will support  girls from poor families to access education by providing them with tuition fees, fare to and from schools and pocket money. Secondly, FOGO will provide accommodation for the girls during holidays due to the fact that the girls are from poor families. For that explanation the organization does not mean to be an actual school but the center to facilitate and coordinate their learning.
Through observation and experience of working with the girls from poor families we noted that the number is significantly increasing while their families cannot support them to acquire education. The organization therefore intends to support girls to access education as well as life skills basing on their talents in order to give them innovative knowledge and skills for the improvement of their living standards as well as the lives of the local communities of Meru district council in Arusha Region.


Education and life skills acquired by girls will make them innovative, responsible, independent.


Our mission is to support girls to access education and life skills for independent living

Our core values

•Transparency and integrity in the interaction with the local communities and donors.
•Respecting one another.
•Enhancing a positive relationship through hard work and solidarity
•Protection of women’s dignity.


The founder’s passion on supporting girls started in 2007 due to the hardships she encountered as a result of her husband’s death. Joyce experienced serious mistreatment from her husband’s family as they wanted to dominate her life. The issue of polygamy, inheritance of women and early marriages made her to think of supporting females to acquire education due to the fact that education she had was a tool that rebuilt her future. Until now she has supported 21 girls; 13 girls at primary education and 8 girls at secondary education. Joyce started working informally on supporting girls from poor families in 2007. She used to visit the places where girls were found. She took them to her home teaching them how to read and write after consulting their parents or guardians. Therefore, she took them to school as a result of positive response they showed.
Thus, the idea of initiating and formalizing the organization of Future is On Girls Org came to her mind as a result of the increase of the number of girls in need, her passion and advice from various stakeholders especially the community members.

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