Testimonials from FOGO

Education and life skills acquired by girls will make them innovative, responsible and independent.

FOGO’s Target is focusing on supporting underprivileged and marginalized girls between 8-18 years. Due to economic, social and cultural inequalities between men and women, girls are much oppressed. These inequalities result in denying girls the right to education, property ownership, decision-making and access to and control of resources. On the other hand, the community is not taking any measure to support the underprivileged girls in their access to education and life skills.

Joyce Nyiti the founder of the organization

"I am Joyce the teacher and the founder of FOGO. I have been working with girls from poor families as a volunteer for 10 years now. Cultural challenges I experienced in my life was a source of the idea of supporting girls by introducing FOGO. ”


Jennifer Steven

"This is Jennifer who lost her father when she was 8 years old. For that reason, Joyce Nyiti took her to her home then she supported her to access basic needs. Currently, Jennifer is a teacher at a day care center.”


Zubeda Shabani

"This is zubeda who was also supported by Joyce due to the fact that she was staying with her grandmother. Zubeda got the opportunity to study at the teacher training college. Finally, Zubeda is a teacher.”


Joyce Judica

"Joyce Nyiti stayed with Joyce Judica at her home as her guardian. Joyce Nyiti supported her in the access of education. Currently, Joyce is a teacher at one of the English medium schools in Tanzania. ”


Lillian John

"Due to poverty of her family, Lillian was impregnated when she was in form two and the family was no longer ready to support her education. For that bitter story, Joyce decided to pay for her to participate in the nanny training. Lillian is currently working as caregiver"


Upendo Enock

"Upendo is a primary school teacher. She was also supported by Joyce as from secondary school to the college. Upendo completed teacher training in 2012."


Yukunda Evarist

"Yukunda Evarist completed secondary school education in 2014 but she did not pass to continue with any higher level of education. Because of the talent she had Joyce paid for her entrepreneurship short course training and now Lillian is a food vender."

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